Each rose has its thorn
Each saint its sinner into evil is born
Wa ooooo
Every ladder its snake
Whose scales conspire that every road you might take
Leads to me

Running from the eden that was once your only haven
Strangled by the vines that line the way
Roses torn, roses torn and cast away
Fleeing from the garden, take the only thing worth saving
Clutch the prickled harvest to your chest
Roses torn, roses torn and cast away
The ides of May, the ides of May
Begging all that's left to say

Harvest time was always late or never
The roses bleak
Winters that'd seemed to last forever
The thorn bites deep, the thorn bites deep

Missy May and Pistol Pete

there goes missy may 
always trying to run away 
taking from the till 
flying like a whip-poor-will 

missy may and pistol pete

fall fall falling rain 
wash away the weather vane 
north south east west 
running like a wild guess 

missy may and pistol pete

there goes pistol pete
always trying to trick-or-treat
broke so many hearts
falling like a house of cards

missy may and pistol pete

smoke smoke smoking gun 
pistol pointed at the sun 
missy's on the plains 
love is like a hurricane 

missy may and pistol pete

Born Free ('Til They Caught Me)

I'm overdrawn, I'm in the red
I'm emotionally, karmically in debt
They'll track me down, put on the screws
For what I did to you

I stole your heart and burnt it black
I borrowed love and now I'll have to pay it back
Took out a loan, no guarantee
It wasn't interest free

Born free 'til they caught me, lordy how I cheated you
They'll take nothing less than their pound of flesh
For how I treated you
Cold sweat like a bad debt hoping it'll go away
No pain no gain 'til we're quits again
And I've deleted you

The game is up, they're keeping score
The karmic repo man is bangin' on the door
He's got my name, he´'l take my soul
He's gonna eat me whole

And now I'm bound to recompense
I'll have to suffer if I'm going to make amends
The love I took out of your purse
I've gotta reinmburse

Knock It Down

You had it all behind the wall above the law
Below the waste line
The trail of dead left you well fed and kept your head
Above the bread line

But providence was calling
Opportunity was knocking, you were
Running long before you hit the ground

Knock it down, knock it down, knock it down
And catch the first plane out of town

You danced far left, then to the right as overnight
They played a new tune
That dance hall full of broken dreams, you swept it clean
'Cause you're the new broom

When Titanic starts to sink and there's a lifeboat, you'll be in it
While the losers that surround you all have drowned
Are you looking for a medal or a chest where you can pin it
For every penny you're in for a pound

The enemies you made, their bodies float now down the river
In the jungle they were fit, but in the shit you're so much fitter
What a shame that evolution should proclaim you as a winner
Over creatures that were weaker who you turned into your dinner