From Where You'd Rather Be

New works in watercolour
“From Where You’d Rather Be”
Exhibition Saturday 6th and Sunday 7th of April, invitation below….

Native Berliner, singer, accordionist, watercolourist and now Katoomba resident Deta C. Rayner has, with her new exhibition “From Where You’d Rather Be”, borrowed somewhat cheekily from an advertising slogan for a popular Mexican beverage. Emphatically pointing the compass north to warmer climes, “From Where You’d Rather Be” highlights the lush labyrinths of Far North Queensland’s tropical rainforest, Deta’s destination on a recent tour with her duo The Beez, who will also be performing on the Saturday afternoon of the exhibition.

Although a radical departure in subject matter from her two previous exhibitions (“Abandoned Places”- fascinating portrayals of urban decay - and “All those Pretty Things” - devoted entirely to Tulips), Deta remains faithful to her distinctive style - a riot of highly saturated bright tones executed in a style reminiscent of the Decorative Arts; nods to William Morris, or even the formalism of Alphons Mucha, sit comfortably alongside contemporary, almost digital photographic light effects. Deta’s works feature at least five and sometimes up to ten layers of colour, lending a three dimensional depth and intensity not often seen in watercolour. 

As an autodidact and relative newcomer to painting, Deta notes the many parallels in the learning process to that of her integration of the accordion into a pop/rock band - successive attempts and exhaustive experimentation culminating in an unorthodox but unmistakable style imbued with an almost quirky humour. By degrees focusing on, and finding beauty in detail while working towards a unified whole, Deta follows a Lebensphilosophie based on the here and now. For her the appreciation, admiration and enjoyment of that beauty are approaches common to music and visual art and, after all, It’s where we’d all rather be!
Paintings can be purchased from Saturday 6th of April from 11am and not before. 
If you can´t be there and want to buy text Deta 0482 581 610 from 11 am for your red dot.
It´s first in best dressed.

price list below

Black Mountain Unplugged

22 x 14,5 cm

Salt ´n´ Peppa 2

14,5 x 14,5 cm

Salt ´n´ Peppa 1

22 x 14,5 cm

Syd ´n´Nancy

21 x 14,5 cm

Be Prepared

20,5, x 14,5 cm

Hunk O´ Burnin´ Love

30 x 22 cm