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News 7.1.2023

Hi folks! 
Rob and I have been just itchin´ to get this ranch rockin´ and to finally host 
the inaugural Tiny House Open Air Extravaganza on our top paddock (see pic below). 
We have been hampered, until now, by floods and freezing temperatures, 
but La Nina´s icy fingers appear to have relinquished their dastardly grip on our weather 
and opened a window of Rockortunity on Thursday, the 26th of January - public holiday! 
(…and yes, just in case we do have a fabulous wet weather alternative in Wentworth Falls!) 

We will be featuring, from 3pm, an all-star lineup including, but not limited to... 

...from Berlin, our beloved ex-Beez colleagues Jule and Georg with their band MENSCH, MONIQUE! 
who are touring Australia from January to March with their gorgeous indie folk originals 

…from Melbourne, the fabulous SARAH AND SILAS 
a fiddlin´ fest to move the feet and warm the heart. 

…from Katoomba, the astounding MIC CONWAY 
with music, magic and mayhem 

…THE BEEZ, whose reputation receeds them 

Bring a chair. Bring a picnic. Bring some booze. Bring your friends and maybe even a beach umbrella….. 
But, most of all, bring what the Germans call Gute Laune - good spirits! 

Donations are $30 (or more if you wish) and all proceeds go (as they should!) to the musicians. 

See you there! 

Love from Deta and Rob

look up other concerts here:/calendar

News from 14.7.2022

What an amazing experience, our first art exhibition! The opening was just as we wished it would be! Thanks to Sarah and Silas for playing music and all the lovely friends and family who turned up to celebrate with us. Also of course a big thanks to David Rex-Livingston:

to see the full exhibition including texts click here: /art 

NEWS from Rob, 14.1.2021

Dear friends,  
Deta has already posted a comprehensive account of our adventures in 2020, but it´s in German and some of you may, despite the joys of Google Translate, feel justifiably left out, so here´s an English version. It´s a long story but it´s a good story, and it has a happy ending or, rather, a happy new beginning. Our only misgiving in sharing it is that so many people have experienced so much pain and hardship in recent times that it seems almost insensitive on our part to be recounting it- but the story, and its happy ending, has been made possible by the boundless generosity and support of good friends who have made what seemed like an impossible dream come true. A thousand thanks to you all! You know who you are. And we know who you are-and look forward to sharing our music and our friendship with you in the coming months…´Rona allowing…  
Here´s the story-or a decent chunk of it… /rob-rayner

neue News von Deta am 5.Januar 2021

Liebe Leute, ich muss jetzt ganz viel schreiben, das muss einfach raus, für alle die keine Lust auf so viel Lesen haben hier ´ne Zusammenfassung: 2020, hab überlebt, alles anders aber irgendwie gut, hab jetzt 3 Pferde und mindestens 25 Hunde als Nachbarn und auf der anderen Strassenseite wohnen Kängurus. Ich hab noch ein Akkordeon in Berlin,  Zahnpasta und Shampoo in Pfungstadt und einen ganzen Hausstand in Märkisch Buchholz……miss you!

und hier der link zur ausführlichen Version und ganz vielen Fotos:/deta-rayner

NEWS vom 03.0702020

Liebe Beez-Freunde und Familie, liebes Beez-Publikum in hoffentlich nicht allzu ferner Zukunft!

Es gibt aber auch gar nichts anzukündigen, deshalb dachten wir lassen wir erst recht mal wieder was von uns hören….. nicht dass Ihr anfangt Euch Sorgen zu machen. 

The Beez haben sich temporär getrennt, nicht freiwillig natürlich aber wegen diesem Dingsda, Ihr wisst schon. Wir waren gerade so mitten in unserer jährlichen Australientour und denn LOCKDOWN, die ersten 6 Wochen gemeinsam,

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