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News 23.03.2023

Dear friends, fans and family, 

Do you know why some people call Rob „Shorty“? 
Well, it was our friend Chloe´s invention and she had no idea how right
she was….(or maybe she did??) 
….we only found out last August when we went up north to the beautiful
Black Mountain music festival near Cooktown where we met TIM WOODZ…… 
Now he´s coming from the Black Mountain via Melbourne to the Blue Mountains. 

He´s such a lovely „little“ fella! … and because we´re not stingy at all,
we´d like to share him with you. 
… and because he´d like to share us with you but also loves MIC CONWAY,
it´ll be the best of all, a double concert with TIM WOODZ and MIC CONWAY
whose backing band just happen to be THE BEEZ. 

We are very much looking forward to seeing you at our house concert in
Wentworth Falls Sunday, 16th of April. 
Our friends Brom and Julien are kind enough to be hosting us in their
gorgeous home. 
Door´s open at 2pm for a 3pm start. 
Please let us know if you´d like to come - and how many you´ll be bringing (
the more the merrier) - and then we’ll give you the adress. 
There is lots of room but not as much as on our paddock, so we´d like to get
an idea of how many to expect. 
Bring your own drinks, a plate to share and maybe even a chair or a
picknick blanket - if it´s dry and warm enough we’ll be playing in the garden. 
Donations are $30 (cash only) and go directly to the musicians. 

House concerts are the BEST! 
(and who knows, maybe we are all in the mood for a little dance afterwards,
just in case I´ll be ready to be the DJ….) 
We hope to see you soon and send our love, 
cheers, Deta and Rob

Before we go to Germany THE BEEZ have a few more shows: 
Yackandandah VIC / Yackandandah Folk Festival 
Sydney / German cultural day / Goethe Institut 
Murrah Hall 
Uralla Arts 
for more information go to:

TIM WOODZ is a natural performer who brings laughter, love and insight along with well crafted sing-along songs


“The quintessential 1920’s vaudeville and cabaret act… „ But we all know that!

Shorty and Supershorty

News 7.1.2023

Hi folks! 
Rob and I have been just itchin´ to get this ranch rockin´ and to finally host 
the inaugural Tiny House Open Air Extravaganza on our top paddock (see pic below). 
We have been hampered, until now, by floods and freezing temperatures, 
but La Nina´s icy fingers appear to have relinquished their dastardly grip on our weather 
and opened a window of Rockortunity on Thursday, the 26th of January - public holiday! 
(…and yes, just in case we do have a fabulous wet weather alternative in Wentworth Falls!) 

We will be featuring, from 3pm, an all-star lineup including, but not limited to... 

...from Berlin, our beloved ex-Beez colleagues Jule and Georg with their band MENSCH, MONIQUE! 
who are touring Australia from January to March with their gorgeous indie folk originals 

…from Melbourne, the fabulous SARAH AND SILAS 
a fiddlin´ fest to move the feet and warm the heart. 

…from Katoomba, the astounding MIC CONWAY 
with music, magic and mayhem 

…THE BEEZ, whose reputation receeds them 

Bring a chair. Bring a picnic. Bring some booze. Bring your friends and maybe even a beach umbrella….. 
But, most of all, bring what the Germans call Gute Laune - good spirits! 

Donations are $30 (or more if you wish) and all proceeds go (as they should!) to the musicians. 

See you there! 

Love from Deta and Rob

look up other concerts here:/calendar

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